Why BirdMilk

Three founders, three different expertise in the scene of advertising partnered together and started an agency that is specialized in all aspects of advertising and digital marketing. So that each step is revised and executed effectively and each department is supervised by an expert in the field and so when we claim superiority in all aspects, we are guaranteed to deliver the desired results.
We’re always hunting for brilliant minds to join our growing nest and with a team of bright minds, we’re always capable of achieving the goals of your brand in addition to attaining what was perceived once as the impossible.
How do we do it? Well, we start by developing the correct strategic plan that we believe your brand should follow and after getting the go ahead, we start implementing this plan using the various media outlets which we direct and control for your service and benefit.
If it is branding that you desire or a strong presence on social media platforms, we have got you covered with a creative witty content and visuals that will surely attract the attention of your targeted audience.
We make sure that the design follow your brand guidelines because we understand and appreciate the unique persona of each one of our clients, this is why each content plan is created differently than the other, in order to cater for the brand’s identity and achieve the required results.
Why Birdmilk? Because not only do we place your brand at the top of the consumer’s mind, but we also help facilitate the whole process of communication and deliver the best outcome in the smoothest possible way.

Meet the birds:

We can go down the same road of introducing our services but not this time, this time we’re introducing the brilliant minds behind it all, the ones that you’re trusting to handle your brand identity and enforce it in the market.

Media strategy

When taking responsibilities for a new brand, the first thing we do is conduct all the necessary social media research and that is to study potential threats, weaknesses and understand the strengths of the client. All to come up with the most suitable strategy and the direction that the brand should follow. This research helps us gather the needed inspiration to come up with creative social media approaches and campaigns.

Content Creation and Digital Marketing

Social media expanded the door for creativity and is now an infinite world of possibilities that we aim to conquer, our team optimizes this tool for your favor. After coming up with the suitable media strategy, we execute the plan using the right words and suitable direction.

Creative & Design

The media strategy influences the general feel of the design as well and so we make sure that the design reflects the brand’s identity. We trust the visuals in bringing the content to life and intrigue the audience.

Social media management

We manage and create social media campaigns for companies and brands, our creative agency handles Digital media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snap chat, Whatsapp business, Google Ads, Youtube, Twitter and local website on your company’s behalf. You don’t need to search for a social media agency because Birdmilk is considered one of the best digital marketing agencies that uses the marketing services available on social media to help your brand grow and enhance brand loyalty.

Radio Ads

The dominance and airing of radio ads remain despite the emergence of the digital world. The commercial ads done by our creative nest, are guaranteed to be remembered forever.


Branding speaks of the brand’s identity and that’s why in Birdmilk we make sure that every detail in the design is taken into a thorough consideration, seeing that it is a reflection of what the brands stands for.

Web & Mobile Development

Birdmilk offers web solutions including mobile and website development, without risking the identity of the brand. We design customized websites, from interface design through to web development, using web solution technologies and standards such as HTML5, CSS, PHP, jQuery, jQuery UI.

Commercial ads

The power of commercial ads remains despite the emergence of the digital world. Birdmilk is a creative and media production agency and the commercial ads done by our creative nest, are guaranteed to be remembered forever.

How We Do It !?

01 Marketing Analysis

We start with marketing analysis and competitor analysis, we study your product or service in deep.

02 Brain Storming

Our marketing and creative team sit with copy righter and start studying your business, and finding how we STAND OUT in market.

03 Sketch & Design

Art Director and his team start get the ideas on sketch, then starting the design precess.

05 Finalize and Executions

Art team start finalize work for all platforms and get the executions.

04 Revision & Feedback

Start feedback from Creative, Marketing, Client and friends to finalize.