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Seabelle, A New Wave Of Life

SEABELLE reflects the new wave of moving to the North of Egypt and starting a fulfilling life there, by integrating the capitalism of the big cities with the relaxation of the beach life. It’s a call to action for people to ride the next wave of a serene and practical life by moving to New Mansoura. This is why we have chosen to write an insightful song about the beauty of the sea and how wonderful it will be to live by it all year long. We value all the contributions of everyone who helped, supported and worked with us to bring this campaign to life. Executive Creative Director: Mo.Salah Associate Creative Director : Omar Jongar Creative Team / Lyrics: Mostafa Zidan, Yara El Komaty, Sarah El-Selehdar Account management team: Talal Nasr, Nermeen Mahmoud Managing Director: Emad Salem Director: Hossam El Gazar 1stAD: Sandro Kanaan 2nd AD: Amgad Hossam Art Director: Rahma Ragy Stylist: Yara Sameeh Music Composer: Ahmed Tarek Yahia Singers: Ahmed Tarek Yahia, Rasha El-Sharnouby Production House: ARROW Productions Executive Producer: Youssef Mohamed Head of production: Kareem Gaber Post production: Circle Post Production, Mohamed Noussier Editor: Mostafa Helal Colorist: Essam Abdel Salam