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Launch Your Brand Revolution: Birdmilk ignites potential and fuels growth

For over 20 years, we’ve witnessed countless brand fledglings take their first wobbly steps. But at Birdmilk, we don’t just watch; we transform them into majestic eagles, soaring effortlessly above the clouds. Fueled by this legacy of experience and a passion for creative flight, we partner with brands to craft strategic flight plans and weave captivating narratives that propel them to new horizons.

We delving deep into your core, unearthing the hidden gems that make you unique. These become the guiding stars on our journey as we build tailored strategies and campaigns that authentically resonate with your audience. Unlike fledgling brands limited by instinct, we empower you with strategic foresight. We analyze market currents, navigate turbulent trends, and plot a course that ensures you reach your highest potential.

Our minds are fertile ground for vibrant ideas. We weave stories that mesmerize across all mediums, from TV ads that paint breathtaking landscapes to social media content that takes flight like flocks of inspiration. Every interaction ignites hearts and minds, leaving an indelible mark on your audience.

Every epic journey deserves a seamless touchdown. We help your brand land seamlessly with customers, forging lasting connections and unwavering loyalty through impactful initiatives that deliver tangible results and secure your market perch.

Ready to spread your wings and conquer the marketing skies? Don’t leave your brand’s destiny to chance. Get in touch with Birdmilk and let’s chart your journey to market domination.

How did it start!

A school friendship turned out to a lifetime partnership.

Co-Founder | ECD

Mo Salah

22+ Years Experience in AdvertisingBranding. • Former Creative Director At DDB Cairo. • Former Creative Director At Tarek Nour communications. • Former Art Director At Creative Lab Advertising.

Co-Founder | MD

Talal Nasr

22+ Years Experience in Digital Marketing.• Former E-Marketing Section Head At TE-Data Cairo •Former E-Business Manager at Toyota Egypt.

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