About us

We are Creative Agency,

Our strength lies in the ability to understand your vision and create powerful imagery that will move your customers on an emotional level. Our goal is to help you create a distinct brand 'personality' that will give your business credibility and drive long-term growth as fast as we can.

About us

Founded in Dec. 2015, We started our line of business 2002, focusing on marketing and advertising development and E-marketing solutions.Having a unique blend of expertise in both marketing and advertising and information technology, and a solid base of more than 15 years of experience in the field, encouraged us to create the perfect mix in favor of our valued customers in the many fields.

This rated us high on top of specialized IT service providers having excellent reputation among the Marketing & Advertising.

Now Bird Milk is widening the scoop by serving other business sectors with its professional experience in the Internet solutions.

Following proper business process guidelines, and adding flexibility to meet real world exceptions, Bird Milk has provided its clients with the extra boost they needed. Constantly ahead of their needs, we kept the proper balance between sophisticated yet easy to use products. Never too much or too many unwanted features, and never less than what they need to improve on business.

The key to success was due to our understanding of business, market, and user requirements, have been blended with our technical and business consulting capacity. Our designers, consultants, programmers, customer care officers now have what it takes to partner with our clients, for the next century.